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Scenes From Dating App Hookup
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Gena-24 - Art Teacher. GENA is an art teacher for the LA unified school district, we swiped right and we met for drinks at a bar in West Hollywood. She was funny and bubbly and sweet. She told me she had been matching with a couple of guys on the app but hadn’t really made any real connections… until me. Was looking for the type of man I could really take control and put her in her place. Well sweetheart, you came to the right date I told her. I made her blow me in the car before we came back to my place. I got the door. I dropped to my knees and started to eat her pussy so that way it felt so amazing. She couldn’t even think of saying no. Was too big to shove down her throat, but she tried her best. We fucked a little at the doorway before I was able to pull her over to the couch. We had some real fun was so wet and juicy when I laid her down and got on top of her. She wrapped her legs around and pulled deep inside of her and didn’t wanna let go. And shove my balls in her mouth before I called her a few days later, but she wouldn’t return my calls. She ghosted me, but least I have to remember her.

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Julie- 32 Sassy, pretty cool I actually swiped and matched with Julia on two different dating app sites. We spoke on the phone for a few days and she let me know that she was an interior designer living in Beverly Hills and going through a divorce. She had been with her rich husband Since she was 21 and they were recently getting a divorce. She was getting a big settlement and was trying to get back into the dating scene. She spoke about how her sex life was pretty reserved and she wasn’t able to have fun and missed out on a lot. I promised her if we went out on a date she be able to make up for lost times and boy did she ever. We met at a fancy restaurant in Beverly Hills and she had on this beautiful dress and her big old titties were popping out when she walked past my chair to table. Every guy in the restaurant turn their head at her. She was stunning. I couldn’t wait to get her back to my place, we made out in the parking lot and she let me finger her in the car on the way back since we got in the door it was on a pop it she dropped her knees and let her tongue work like magic swirling on my dick in my balls I pulled up her skirt your pussy was already wet from earlier. I merely wanted to be in her over and fuck her at the door, and when I slid my dick in her tight pussy, I almost came lol I got her over to the couch where I was able to fuck her so hard her ass Mouse up and down on my cock when I laid her down and fucked her watching her titties go up and down looking into her eyes and kissing her. I bet they’re over dinner, my boss laptop and gets her pussy as I fuck her from behind in doggy style she sucked my dick some more, and when she got on top of me, I squeeze those big titties and had a ton of my life. I hope to have a second day with her soon.

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Ally- 24 I’ll be honest I was a little worried because I got back into Los Angeles and had made any matches in almost 3 weeks. I’ve been swiping left over and over again and almost at lost hope until Wednesday night I made a match with Ally. We talked back-and-forth for a bit and she told me that she was a substitute teacher. She was going to have some time off as her classes. We’re going to take a break for spring break and she asked if we could meet for coffee we had two coffee dates and one date for dinner before she agreed to come back to my place so we could have some real fun, the date went smooth. She has a great personality. It was really funny and she talked about how sexual she was and the kink she had including having sex in the car in public places. This really blew my mind coming back from dinner. She flashed me her big fake tits and I was grinning from ear to ear. She let me fill her up in the car and once we got inside, I was able to squeeze her big fat white ass as she kissed me. I couldn’t wait to get her soft, juicy lips wrapped around my dick and boy. She did not disappoint. She took my cock all the way down her throat and lick my balls down to the base. At the door I put up her skirt, bent her fat white ass over and fucked her right there by the door before dragging her by her hair over to the couch and giving her the real thrill. She hopped on top of my cock and bounced up and down, moaning the whole time whispering in my ear about how good I felt her pussy was wet tight and felt amazing had so much fun, fucking this substitute teacher whore in doggy reverse, cowgirl. When I got on top of her and laid on her, she wrapped her legs around me, and would let me go almost came in that pussy twice, but ain’t had to stop myself . She will let me titty fuck her double D boobs and I came on her face hoping to have a second date soon.

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Denice was coming to LA to scout art schools and I told her if she came I will get her a hotel and show her around the city. She agreed after we had spoken for about a week or so and exchanged pictures of phone numbers on the phone she had a very sweet, soft voice, and mentioned that she was a huge fan of the LA art scene so I make sure to get us tickets to a couple museums Throughout the day where they made it back to the hotel or she was very grateful for me showing her around. She had a cute little bubble butt, and soft lips that felt great on my face before she wrapped around my dick. I asked her if it was OK if I filmed us fucking and she said fine as long as it doesn’t get back to her ex-boyfriend, I laughed. I laid her down and gripped her ass while stuffed every inch of my big black dick in her tight little wet pussy. She was nervous and shy and never fucked like that before so I took full advantage, and made sure it was a type of sex. You would never forget a little rough but she could take it and she definitely enjoyed it more than she thought she would, and she came warm or out of her shell. I tried shoving my dick all the way down her throat and two tears started to come down her eyes. I came once inside of her a little bit and then another on her ass before making her go clean off my dick and I way home. I told her she decided to transfer schools. I would make this a once a week visit. I haven’t heard from her since, lol.

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Ended up swiping left on this woman and it was a pretty quick match and response. She told me she was in LA from Chicago for the first time working on a commercial. I was really excited and she always planned on moving to Los Angeles. She asked me could I show her around on her day off and boy did I we had a couple of sites and got coffee. We spent the entire day together and made it back to the hotel I rented for us the next day as we got in the door. My hands are up her skirt and hers down my pants. She dropped to her knees like a two dollar whore. I proceeded to have my way fucking her face. Before dragging her by her hair over to the bed, she had a soft ass and a nice pair of tits. I’ve been there over there, some nice fucking by the door, but on the bed was where the real fight started. She rolled my dick like a 19-year-old till she came And I spent her around and had her ride me so I can play with her Clit. She had multiple orgasms and I almost came inside her but had to slow my stroke. She said she never been with a black guy before and was trying to make a great first impression I laughed and grabbed her head and put her lips to my asshole. She rimmed my butt hole, and I jacked off on our face. She was amazing. I would’ve loved the second day, but she had to fly out back to Chicago. Maybe I’ll see her again one day.

Carrie Ann
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Carrie Ann was pretty cool we swiped left at the first of the month and I almost didn’t hear from her for two weeks but then she responded saying that she had been busy with work understandably because she works as a social worker. We had a couple of phone conversations, and she told me about how stressful her job was and she just wanted to spend some time forgetting about it. I had the best distraction by inviting her to dinner and drinks and then back to my place For some hard-core pounding. She was really able to let all of her ambitions come out. She wore a cute little outfit, and as soon as we got in the door, dropped to her knees and started sucking my dick expressive. She always wanted to be with a black guy and I was happy to oblige her fantasy. I’ve been there over by the door, and proceeded to drag her by her hair to the couch while I was able to have my way with her she had the tightest wet pussy, and squirted on my dick and we finished with her sucking on my balls and eating my ass. She’s a true winner. Can’t wait for a second date.

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I swiped right on Bria. I was so excited because I left her body once we started talking she asked for my number pretty quickly and told me that she was a fitness model term personal trainer in Los Angeles. She’s been out here for a couple of months and was working at some of the top Gyms in the city for some high-end clients and a list celebrities but she was really trying to make a connection so much. In fact she canceled one of her high profile clients so we could have our first date. We went out for drinks and dancing, and I can tell by the way she moved in dance floor. She was down the fuck she had on this tight little red dress, and I can see her nipples popping out on the drive home. I grabbed her tits and played with her for a little bit and as soon as I got into the house it was on and proper. She had a sexy little Brazilian accent, but it was hard to hear with my dick shoved down her throat and banter over and had a little piece of pussy by the door before dragging her into the living room and having one of the best fuck sessions. Her muscular pussy had a killer grip. It almost made me come three times the dirty talking her little accent was hella sexy and I had a blast to be fucking her face fucking her, making her eat my ass and eventually coming twice once inside of her and wants in her face can’t wait to see her again

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When Sydney swiped right on me, I was worried I would never hear from her after we spoke for the first time she said she was an event coordinator. I had a bunch of concerts, art exhibit and project. She was working on currently in LA. Our time frame was very limited, I wanted to take her out on a date, but she actually invited me to a rock ‘n’ roll show on the world famous sunset strip after a couple drinks and some talking we went back to my house for an after party and boy was she ready to rock at eight her pussy at the door, and she was instantly wet all over my face. I play with her tits. I made out with her before face, fucking her, and eventually grabbing her For the pounding, she really want it she was so loud. She was worried that my neighbors were find out what we were doing but I told her I didn’t care. I wanted to fuck her like a groupie rockstar whore and she was much obliged, dirty bitch even let me come on her face. It was a great first date.

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I was actually pretty impressed by Hellen after we swiped right within an hour of making a match she started to message me. I love a woman who is direct about what she’s looking for and what she wants. She was recently single and trying to get back into the swing of things, and I was more than willing and able to show her the ropes . We did a lunch date for sushi in Studio City and spoke about our similar interests in art and music before I asked her if she ever does anything freaky like send it videos or did pictures she said she always wanted to so I knew after a couple drinks she would be down for some action to be met back to my place and I was able to fill out her tits. She got a great boobjob and I couldn’t wait to suck on them. Once I got them in the door we made out she dropped to her knees and started blowing me like she hadn’t seen a dick in years. I’ve been to her over and fucked her doggy style in front of the front door before pulling her over to the couch, she’s fit my huge balls in her mouth before laying back and letting hurt me hold her legs back and fuck her hard and fast. she was a real freak, and I hope to see her again soon.

7 Photos, 40 min of video
The thing about being in California, and being on these apps as you get a lot of actresses; so many of them are flakes, but this one was the real deal. She came from overseas a couple months back, and didn’t have a lot of friends. She was using the app to meet new people and luckily she met me. I found a cool little euro bistro in downtown LA and we met there. We had to lunch dates until I was able to get her back to my place. She mentioned that she had some crazy tattoos and I told her I could not wait to see them. She told me in order to see them she would have to takeoff her Dress, which was fine by me she was a super sexual little slut and some great dirty talking some loud moaning so much that I was worried my neighbors were going to call the police and she told me she wasn’t on birth control but I could fuck her ass to be on the safe side sounded like a great deal. I fuck this little whores ass until I couldn’t contain anymore. I want to cum all over her face and tits. She’s wrote her tongue around my ass hole, and let me face fuck her for a bit more she was definitely a great day.

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KC is one of those girls she’s very conservative and lives a boring life but once you get her alone, she’s a real freak we matched on the app and talked for about eight days before she agreed to go on an actual date. We met at a jazz club in the valley , or we got to know each other a little bit better. She actually started rubbing my thigh underneath the table and just a test the waters I took my dick out and she started to give me a hand job while she did that I know she’d be down for some fun, I got her back to my house and was surprised at how fat her ass was. She said she gives the best blowjobs and sure enough she’s definitely in the top 20 of girls updated this year on the couch. She bent over and I plowed into her pussy like it was the main course of our dinner date, she suck my balls and lick my ass hole, clean and allow me to fuck her every which way but loose. We actually went out on a second date but she wouldn’t let me record it and join it. I’m going to try to get her for third date and see if she’ll let me get in that sweet ass of hers.

Mandi 2nd Date
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I was back in LA for a week, and I decided to try the app again. I was able to swipe right on Amy, we and made a match! She’s a manager at the a high end restaurant in Studio City. I had heard about it, but I’ve never been there. We went out for drinks and talked about life in LA and I was able to get her back to the room I was staying at where I fucked her so good she called me for two days straight afterwards trying to see when we can get together again.

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Sophia is a hot, little, blonde hair, blue eyed, white girl with fake tits and a fat ass. When I saw her pictures, I prayed that she and I were going to swipe right and make a match. Sure enough we did, and we talked for about two weeks before she was able to clear out her schedule for a date. We went out to a sushi restaurant in Hollywood, and we saw a concert. We made it back to my house, and she spoke about how she was going to give me a deep tissue massage. But, to be honest, once we got to the door, I went straight into making out in her pussy, and then got her down to her knees to suck my dick. The blow job was amazing: nice and sloppy wet. We moved to the bed and I fucked her over and over her from the back, before I take her over to the couch. She hopped up and down on my dick in her pussy, and it was so good. I wanted to stay in her pussy for hours, and finally laid her down on the floor, and I came fucking her from behind. Hope you guys enjoy this as much as I did.

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I love Asian girls Tiffany and I swiped right and I gave her a line and I was going to be traveling soon so I wanted to get our date in the next couple of days. She agreed I was down to go out and see a comedy show after a few drinks and hanging out I convince her to come back to my place in the car and she told me she hadn’t had sex with somebody in almost 7 months, so I knew that because he was already going to be tighter than I already imagined it was, in the car, I would stop and give her a kiss between red lights and once I got back to my place it was on a pop it. She dropped down to her knees and choked on my dick as it was too big to fit in her mouth, I think her favorite position was riding me because she came so many times, and almost refused to get off my dick . I took my time with her fucking her in doggy mesh cowgirl and reverse cowgirl until I finally came in her mouth definitely one of the best days I’ve had a long time.

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Mandi and I spoke for about two weeks before she agreed to a date. She told me that her ex-boyfriend had been caught not only cheating on her, but using her credit card to buy sneakers with a fucking loser I told her she would never have to worry about that with me, I have no interest in cheating on a girl and I don’t want to add to my sneaker collection. I want to add to my pussy collection. She laughed about that and we got dinner at Nobu. We went back to my place. We had a great date that ended up with her on her knees blowing me and riding my dick and coming six times so she says she has a great fat white ass and hopefully will have a second date and fuck her even more.

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Maria is a massage therapist that I met on the app we’d arrange to link up during the evening and do a date which went really well and then she decided she wanted to see me the following afternoon, and that’s where all the fun happened. This girl is a real freak. Soon as I got in the door, she drop down to her knees and start a second my dick better than most girls. I was pleasantly surprised, and a little worried of how loud she got. The neighbors made a complaint, but damn, she was worth it see more of her here.
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I happened to be out of town, traveling for convention and decided that I would hop on the app and see if I would get lucky lucky for me I did. There was a pro gamers convention in town the same week I was going to be working and I met up with this beautiful girl Mary. She agreed to meet me for drinks and we got a chance to know each other and the next day she came up to my hotel room, where we fuck like rabbits. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other. If you suck my dick, let me finger fuck her, and when I got her clothes off, I was surprised to find out that she had a butt plug in. This was a first date, I will never forget.

Aria Khaide
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Becky gets her first BBC in this hot date!